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Have some #Nextcloud app development skills and looking for work? There are plenty of requests and offers for app work and other features and improvements on our forums!

OK, enough playing with the server and the blog structure. I willl start writing again.


I have two sites
which have two blogs with different sections each one, one is in English the other is in Spanish. Mainly Linux How-tos, and some random posts.

The other is the new one:

Do you think is better to keep them spareted or import the old one into this new one.

The new structure would be. .... for the old English one ... for the old Spanish one..

What would you do, and why...

Hi @markosaric
With the last update on Nextdns default filter, plausible got blocked.

Implementing AMP pages on my blog. Not as easy as it seems.

Middleman on Docker, and now automatically deploying the site after it is pushed to server.

The good thing is that the only language you speak is the most important one. I'm Bolivian and years ago realized that English is the language of world. Specially for tech related matters.

Having fun with Docker...
Now trying to run Middleman from a docker container

In order to have a cleaner server. I am moving everything to Docker with Caddy Server in front of the apps.

Hi @kev, I need to move one Wordpress site, I woul prefer something I can manage from the admin area, and do not deal with ssh, does your backup plugin works for this scenario?


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