@andreas being friends of kids is the only way of being friends with them when they are teenagers.

@chris here in Bolivia we are still waiting for vaccines. Only people with health problems are getting it.

@yarmo I do not know if this follows your idea.
But, having a smartphone with Data and Wifi off will turn it into a dump phone until your really need some "smart" feature.
Also will give a lot of battery

@angristan I like that model. But I am still happy with my 1+ 6T
And I use the two SIM bay, and there is still no eSIM support in my country.

@randynose I always say that we as men never grow up.
So, it is just the boy inside you looking for a toy.

Hi, un this post you link to your main blog, while I think you want to link to your journal.

Also, now that both blogs are on WordPress wouldn't it be better a multi site?


Have not heard about flask. You download some music I guess


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