@shom because I want to learn something new. I started that way with nginx some years ago.

Nginx with certbot does the same thing that caddy does making it simple to have ssh sites.

Nginx does a great job caching or micro caching apps. I still need to know if caddy can do that.
I don't need that feature anyway.

I have tested those a lot.



In order to have a cleaner server. I am moving everything to Docker with Caddy Server in front of the apps.

Hi @kev, I need to move one Wordpress site, I woul prefer something I can manage from the admin area, and do not deal with ssh, does your backup plugin works for this scenario?


@rw I read you on my RSS reader, so the platform you blog on does not affect me. Unless you turn RSS off.

@kev Yes, I was talking about social cards.

In my notes category, the images does not shown in the posts, but yes in the social cards.

I may disable it from posts and let it only for social cards...

@kev Featured Image :)..
Sorry I was no the phone.

@den Hi, yes it is made with Middleman.

Right now it is hosted on Vercel, but I change that frequently.

@hyde and the sound they make when you try to sleep.

@hyde does not seem the best vacations. But, being away from routine is good anyway

@kev I've seen that on your page.
On refugeeks you had that set, at least that is how I remember.
In your current theme, any added image work as your FI. Am I right?

@danarel you are running the same Jekyll version, as well as Ruby and Linux both locally as well as on the server?

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