Short note that maybe should belong here rather than to the blog..

, 54th post.

@ggarron Wow !

'here in Santa Cruz, a city in the border of the rainforest we are more comfortable with 33 Celsius'

...whereas here in UK, 31'C is unusual, newsworthy and a heatwave and the Government has to tell people to wear hats and drink plenty of water !

@andyc yes. And Asuncion in Paraguay is usually 3 or 4 degrees more than here.

@ggarron Could have been slightly better if you have gone swimming and played 'Nightswmiming' by R.E.M. as you did so :-)

@ggarron As my friends are well aware, 'Country Feedback' is No. 1 on my award winning 'Funeral Setlist'.

This wonderful acoustic version of 'Nightswimming' can also move me to tears.

The lyrics, the beautiful piano playing from the immensely talented and humble Mike Mills, Stipe's gentle acknowledgement and respect to his friend, the blue eyeliner, Stipe's stubble, the 'Emotionally Unavailable' T-shirt.

Just everything about it.

Come to think of it, that is No. 2.

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