Congratulations Horst!
You made it. And at the same time kept webmentiond growing and adding more features.


Today is Bolivia’s Independence Day.

Last year in August we had our biggest wild forest fire.

In October the President committed fraude to stay in the government and for one month we stayed in the streets in a massive blockade until he resigned. We now are facing Coronavirus just like the whole world. Definitely a difficult year for us, but we celebrate the Independence Day in freedom.

Day 76 of the #100DaysToOffload Series:

Happy birthday to you!

Belated. Ya, I know. I suck.

Keyoxide v1.0.0 released and is now using #agpl 3.0 🎉

No, no, not that kind of "1.0" release 😅 Simply a breaking change that triggers a MAJOR release: the change of a license


Thank you @t0k for your help!

#semver #pgp #encryption #decentralized #identity

I was reading an old post at @kev old site Refugeeks, and found comments from LinuxRants, another site I used to read when I was writing on

I just realized that LinuxRants author is @mike

How small is the world.

Getting ready to be on a plane for the first time since Coronavirus outbreak

What is this for?

$(docker build -q .)

It is in your Hugo docker post.

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