In order to have a cleaner server. I am moving everything to Docker with Caddy Server in front of the apps.

Hi @kev, I need to move one Wordpress site, I woul prefer something I can manage from the admin area, and do not deal with ssh, does your backup plugin works for this scenario?


Those las toots were examples of my reading tools.
From now on, I will share links to the original source.

It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch #keyoxide today!

#FOSS solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of #DeleteKeybase but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

After a lot of try and error, and a lot of help from my friends of the Fediverse. I have webmentiond managing my webmentions. Now selfhosted.


Thank you very much

@yarmo and @zerok

Your App is great @zerok I was having real problems trying to make it work at:

With Nginx in front of it, finally I could not.

Now is working just with the same setup that @yarmo has, in a subdomain instead of a subfolder.

Thanks you both.

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